Suicide Linked to Alleged Hazing at Penn State-Altoona/Phi Sigma Kappa

The Altoona Mirror has a detailed story on the death of Marquise Braham, a freshman at Penn State-Altoona. It alleges that his suicide was directly related to his hazing while joining the fraternity, and his involvement in hazing activities as a newly-elected officer. If that is the case, this is the first hazing-related death of 2014.

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Outside the Lines: On the Death of Robert Champion

A comprehensive article on how the hazing from “Crossing Bus C” lead to the death of Florida A&M Drum Major Robert Champion. (click for full article)

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Top Stories in Fraternities/Sororities for 2012

Here is a summary list of the top current events being discussed for 2012:
1) Robert Champion, Florida A&M band
2) Andrew Lohse, SAE, Dartmouth
3) Continuing Issues raised from the death of George Desdunes, SAE, Cornell
4) Criminal Case, Kappa Alpha Psi, Youngstown State
5) Will Torrance, Vincennes
6) AEPi/SDT Hazing (and other issues) at Boston U.
7) Princeton Rush Ban

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